Salim Al-Gailani

Medical genetics in Manchester

February 2016

Salim Al-Gailani has been awarded a visiting research fellowship at the John Rylands Research Institute, University of Manchester.

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From Rubella to Zika

January 2016

Salim Al-Gailani writes at the Guardian H-Word blog about how the history of German measles can help us understand the Zika epidemic today.

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Wellcome Lecture

14 January 2016

The Eleventh Cambridge Wellcome Lecture in the History of Medicine was given by Michael Stolberg (University of W├╝rzburg) on 14 January 2016.

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Bulletin of the History of Medicine

Communicating Reproduction

October 2015

The Fall issue of the Bulletin of the History of Medicine is devoted to ‘Communicating Reproduction’.

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