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Generation to Reproduction


Public lectures

Professor Sarah Franklin (Department of Sociology) gave her inaugural lecture, 'After IVF: the Reproductive Turn in Social Thought', on 30 October 2013.

Born to Rule: Royal Births in Tudor and Stuart England was a pair of lectures given in June 2013 in which leading historians explored how Tudor and Stuart monarchs begat children. Peter Jones gave the first lecture, 'Henry VIII: The Quest for an Heir'. Mary Fissell gave the second lecture, 'Mary of Modena: A Royal Scandal'.


Books and Babies: Communicating Reproduction, an exhibition supported by our Wellcome Trust strategic award, was on display at the University Library from July to December 2011.

Reproduction on Film

Festival of Ideas

Workshops and conferences

Wellcome Lectures

Main image: 'Carry out family planning. Implement the basic national policy.' (Zhou Yuwei, 1986)
Image credit: Stefan Landsberger's collection (