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Generation to Reproduction


Public lectures

Professor Sarah Franklin (Department of Sociology) gave her inaugural lecture, 'After IVF: the Reproductive Turn in Social Thought', on 30 October 2013.

Born to Rule: Royal Births in Tudor and Stuart England was a pair of lectures given in June 2013 in which leading historians explored how Tudor and Stuart monarchs begat children. Peter Jones gave the first lecture, 'Henry VIII: The Quest for an Heir'. Mary Fissell gave the second lecture, 'Mary of Modena: A Royal Scandal'.


Books and Babies: Communicating Reproduction, an exhibition supported by our Wellcome Trust strategic award, was on display at the University Library from July to December 2011.

Reproduction on Film

  • Sex, Secrets and Lies
    Fifth 'Reproduction on Film' series, February to March 2016
  • Outlaws
    Fourth 'Reproduction on Film' series, February to March 2015
  • Making Babies
    Third 'Reproduction on Film' series, February to March 2013
  • Monstrosity
    Second 'Reproduction on Film' series, February to March 2012
  • Reproductive Dystopias
    First 'Reproduction on Film' series, March 2011

Festival of Ideas

Workshops and conferences

Wellcome Lectures

Main image: 'Carry out family planning. Implement the basic national policy.' (Zhou Yuwei, 1986)
Image credit: Stefan Landsberger's collection (